31 Aug 2023

Two Saliva Based Tests To Detect Heart Disease, But At Different Stages

Many of you might have surely heard about blood tests like Troponin I (TnI) that can detect a recent heart attack, but not about saliva based tests that can predict heart attack even before it happens. This is because TnI is one of the most

23 Aug 2023

What is The Most Effective Biohack Against Cancer?

It is doubtful whether there is a more dreaded disease than cancer today. While other leading killer diseases like heart attack and stroke are potentially more lethal instantly, people somehow dread cancer more, maybe due to the progressive nature of the disease as well as

18 Aug 2023

Which is the Best Exercise for Hypertension?

Most people wouldn’t have the slightest doubt about answering this. Right from the American Heart Association, to the various such bodies in different countries, including in India, the official answer has been well known – that moderate-intensity aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, cycling etc. is

9 Aug 2023

A New Case for Personalised Fitness

If there is one neurotransmitter that has captured the world’s imagination, culture and lifestyle more than any other, it is dopamine. Dopamine’s positive roles include making us work for rewards or a sense of accomplishment, as well as making us happy and elated when we

26 Jul 2023

How Your Gut Microbes Can Harm or Protect Your Heart

Research into the human gut microbiome is literally exploding across the globe, with almost every week witnessing the discovery of a new link between the gut microbiome composition and a significant lifestyle disease. Gut microbiome is technically the collective genomic material of our gut microbiota

26 Jul 2023

Why Not to Take Anxiety Lightly

There are some things that can make most people anxious for a while, but for those suffering from chronic anxiety, there are many things that can make them anxious not just for a while, but for an extended time. And the prevalence of chronic anxiety

10 Jul 2023

Study Finds 97% People Have Risk Factors For Early Mortality

Two stunning research studies have come out this past week, and their outcomes are food for thought for all who care about their health, for their health and wellness providers and for even the healthcare policy makers in industry and governments. The first of these

7 Jul 2023

Are These Common Cooking Oils Harming Your Gut Microbiome?

Medical advice regarding cooking oils is finally coming a full circle. And ironically it is by the same kind of research establishments that originally took the world for a ride. Yes, after decades of tarnishing one of the healthiest cooking oils – coconut oil –

7 Jul 2023

Breakthroughs Against Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

The incidence of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD) have not only been on the rise during the past two decades, but they are fast emerging as large-scale killer diseases, from their earlier status as only debilitating conditions. They are also

1 Jul 2023

How Many Species of Gut Microbes Do You Have?

Just a few years back, this question would have elicited the response, “Why, no microbes at all, as I am not at all sick!” Because microbes were almost always equated with infections, whether they are in the gut or in a wound. But today, at