21 Jun 2023

Study Endorses Vieroots’ Approachin Preventing Lifestyle Diseases

Two health studies have hogged international limelight this past week and the first of these has come as a shocker for India. This largest epidemiological study ever on the prevalence of non communicable diseases (NCDs), also called lifestyle diseases, found some explosive material that is

21 Jun 2023

Biohacking Nutrition: Optimising YourHealth Through Smart Food Choices

Sajeev Nair, bestselling wellness author, peak performance consultant and biohacker, explains how you can biohack your nutrition through smart food choices for healthy longevity, high productivity and peak physical and mental performance. Nutrition may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when

5 Jun 2023

What is the Greatest Threat From Diabetes?

Most people would answer this question easily, as it is quite infamous that long-term diabetes greatly contributes to the formation of arterial blocks and fatal or debilitating heart attacks. Some others would answer that the greatest threat is kidney disease and kidney failure, and it

30 May 2023

Visitors to Learn & Experience Biohacks at the World Biohack Summit Dubai 2023

With only hours left for the much awaited biohack event of the year, the organisers of the World Biohack Summit (WBHS) Dubai 2023, led by Limoverse Technologies and supported by UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA), are leaving no stone unturned for the event to be