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10 May 2023

Dubai headquartered Limoverse, the world’s first blockchain based health & wellness ecosystem and metaverse, is all set to unleash its next round of innovation for its growing number of users worldwide. Named as Burn2Earn and coming under its highly successful HealthFi project, this is an NFT and wearables based program that helps its users earn in Limo crypto tokens for the calories they burn during the day.

Limoverse HealthFi’s first project was an NFT and GPS based Move2Earn program that enabled users to earn Limos into their crypto wallets every time they went for a walk, jog or run. HealthFi Move2Earn had become a resounding success within months of its launch, with the program clocking 2 million cumulative kilometres by its users, for which they were awarded over 5 million Limos.

The new Burn2Earn program allows more flexibility for its users as it’s rewards are based on not kilometres walked or run as tracked by the GPS on their phones, but by the calories burnt during a day as tracked by wearables like smartwatches, wristbands etc of industry leading brands including Apple Watch, Google Fitbit, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi etc.

The obvious advantage for users with this Burn2Earn approach is that they need not go outdoors, carrying their phones with them, for getting rewarded in crypto tokens anymore. They can be walking or running on their treadmills at their home or gym while wearing their favourite health tracking wearables.

Also, since this Burn2Earn program measures calories burnt rather than steps or kilometres, a wider range of exercises can earn Limo tokens now, like indoor aerobics, zumba dancing, resistance exercises, pilates and power yoga. Most modern fitness trackers have sensors to detect varied exercises and methods to measure the calories burnt, and have thus become much sought after ‘quantified self’ tools.

However, the greatest advantage of this approach for the users is something else, says Sajeev Nair, noted biohacker, peak performance expert, bestselling author and co-founder of Limoverse, “Whether a fitness enthusiast’s goal is losing weight or staying fit, one of the prime metrics to watch for on a daily basis, from a wellness perspective, is the calories they burn. But until now, there were no incentives to pursue this healthy goal. Limoverse HealthFi’s Burn2Earn program provides the perfect incentive to pursue it now and we are happy that our innovation will be helping thousands of people from across the globe to pursue true wellness.”

Limoverse co-founder and blockchain evangelist Aditya Narayan informed that Limoverse HealthFi’s Burn2Earn program is based on a new set of dedicated Sneaker NFTs designed for the same. However, enthusiasts who want to embrace this innovation will have to rush as Limoverse is limiting its Burn2Earn Sneaker NFTs to just 1000 users for now. This first set of NFTs will be up for grabs on May 1 on the Limoverse Marketplace.

The Limoverse token, $LIMO, recently had its first Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings on two of the fastest growing global crypto exchanges, BitMart and HotBit. The daily CEX volumes for Limo has soared since then, going over $4.6 million in daily trades, showing organic demand from the global crypto community.

(For more information, visit Limoverse.io

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