A Biohack For Longevity

15 May 2023

Once upon a time, there was no need for exercise. Life was exercise. People had to exercise to get to the workplace. And the work itself was exercise. Even shopping for household needs was exercise. Back from work, getting things done at home was also exercise.

But with white collar work, e-commerce and automated appliances at home, the need to keep exercise as a distinct activity has emerged. This is especially so in this era of OTTs and home delivery of cooked foods. People often loathe to walk across a mall to its multiplex, but would prefer to binge on Netflix on their home theatre, all the while snacking.

With the need for a distinct exercise component emerging in life, a natural doubt is when would be the best time to exercise, and whether the timing matters at all. Many studies have tried to unravel this riddle in the past, but one recent study published in the renowned journal ‘Nature Communications’ has produced some surprising results.

Does Your Exercise Time Matter?

This large-scale study done on over 90,000 people found that exercising in the afternoon, rather than in the morning or late evening, has a distinct edge when it comes to extending longevity by reducing all-cause mortality due to even killer lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular conditions and cancers. This beneficial effect is likely due to afternoon fitness sessions working in tandem with the circadian rhythms.

However, the researchers were also diligent enough to remind that exercising at any time of the day is better than not exercising at all, in extending longevity by cutting all-cause mortality. But if you are someone who is looking to get the maximum bang for the buck, in terms of longevity, exercising in the afternoon is surely a biohack you can adopt.

The Need for Comprehensive Biohacks

Such biohacks work best when you practise it along with other biohacks for longevity and wellness, like in diet, nutrition, supplements, fitness regimens, yoga, meditation, breathwork, gut microbiome health, mitochondrial optimization, cognitive therapies etc. Such a comprehensive approach is essential as all these lifestyle biohacks work in tandem to achieve a complete transformation.

If they are personalized too for your unique genetic and metabolic makeup, they become the very best epigenetic biohacks that can override even your genetic risks for developing specific diseases. Moreover, epigenetic biohacks are the ultimate in human performance enhancement, both from a physical and mental angle.

A Summit to Learn Biohacking

The upcoming World Biohack Summit (WBHS) at Dubai on May 30 & 31 will feature all such biohacks across the spectrum for the first time, including quantified self tools, modern research-based biohacks like epigenetic lifestyle modifications as well as traditional biohacks from the ancient wellness systems like Ayurveda, Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and more.

WBHS Dubai, which is the first such event in MENA & Asia, will also be the first such summit to be simultaneously hosted in the metaverse. WBHS is sponsored by Limoverse and supported by the UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA). Biohack DXB is also supported by Dubai Economy & Tourism and ‘Positive Spirit’, an initiative of Dubai Police, and will feature an illustrious array of expert speakers in various facets of biohacking, which will add immense value to the event.

WBHS Tickets Are Getting Sold Out Fast

Ticketing for attending the event in person or online has commenced recently. While some categories of tickets have already been sold out, there are a limited number of tickets still available to suit your needs, like Regular Access, Premium Access, VIP Access and Online Access.

Tickets in each of these categories can be bought online via cards or cryptos. In addition, there is also an option to attend the event virtually in Limo Valley, the metaverse of Limoverse by paying through $LIMO crypto tokens. Users availing that option can attend the event virtually via phones or laptops but ideally through VR headsets that enable their Avataars, and allow them interactions with other attendees’ Avataars for a global networking experience.

(For in-person and online tickets to WBHS, visit, worldbiohacksummit.com/get-tickets/index.html and for metaverse tickets to WBHS, visit, worldbiohacksummit.com/metaverselive.html)

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