What is the Greatest Threat From Diabetes?

5 Jun 2023

Most people would answer this question easily, as it is quite infamous that long-term diabetes greatly contributes to the formation of arterial blocks and fatal or debilitating heart attacks. Some others would answer that the greatest threat is kidney disease and kidney failure, and it is indeed true too, as poorly managed diabetes eventually takes many lives prematurely through kidney failure.

But a recent meta-analysis or study-of-studies for finding out the greatest current threat from diabetes had a surprising result. It was not heart attack or kidney failure, but cancer. While this link has emerged decades back, this study found that during the last 10 years, cancer has either emerged or is fast emerging as the leading cause of death in diabetic patients, across various countries.

This study published recently in the noted medical journal The Lancet, also sheds light on some reasons behind this phenomenon. One is that the better awareness about the diabetes-cardiovascular link had resulted in earlier monitoring and interventions against heart disease. This has resulted in better longevity for diabetic patients, which incidentally ups the cancer risk, as in many people advancing age is a risk factor for cancer.

Still, it can’t be denied that diabetes, especially when it is poorly managed, is a significant contributing factor for the development of cancer. As such, this link is a pressing medical challenge for modern times, as in most geographies across the world, the incidence of both diabetes and cancer are rising significantly. Conventional or generic solutions – whether for preventing or treating diabetes and cancer – are clearly falling short in this regard.

This is one area where the personalized genomic preventive methods can deliver a headstart for those at risk for either diabetes or cancer or both. Cutting edge geno-metabolic solutions like Vieroots EPLIMO employs AI to analyse each person’s detailed genetic and metabolic data to find hard coded risks for developing 250+ lifestyle diseases and conditions that include both diabetes and various cancers.

Based on such detected disease risks, EPLIMO also delivers a comprehensive set of personalized lifestyle modifications spanning diet, nutrition, supplements, herbals, exercise, yoga, meditation, breathwork, de-stressing, detoxing etc that are research-validated to keep such detected disease risks at bay. Such lifestyle changes are epigenetic in nature, that is they can override even the genetic risks without actually making changes in the genes.

It is also beneficial to be part of lifestyle management communities like Limoverse. Apart from having several lifestyle management experts in various domains to consult, Limoverse has encouraging programs like HealthFi and ModiFi that rewards users with crypto tokens directly into their wallets when they opt for healthier lifestyles.

While HealthFi rewards users based on either the distance walked, jogged or run (Move2Earn) or based on the calories burnt (Burn2Earn), the ModiFi program rewards users who achieve personalised health goals like a certain level of weight loss under the EPLIMO program and the supervision of a lifestyle coach.

Such programs can go a long way in keeping diabetes and cancer at bay, as both physical activity and weight loss are of great benefit against these dreaded and connected diseases.

(To opt for these life changing programs, visit vieroots.com and limoverse.io)

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